About Us

At Diamond Competitions

At Diamond Competitions, we pride ourselves on finding some of the very best cut gemstones in the world for our ticket holders. Our Staff and suppliers have over 40 years’ experience in dealing with diamonds.

What we do

Will be offering potential customers the chance to enter an online competition to win high value expensive jewellery. We will offer some of the most expensive jewellery available on the internet. All our diamonds will come with a valuation certificate along with a grading certificate detailing the full specification of the stones. This is a life-changing opportunity for many people to own a diamond that they could never normally afford. You could be the successful winner of a diamond with a valuation around £100,000. Our prices start from £5 ranging up to £19. It may be a single stone ring that takes your eye or a set of earrings maybe a pendant you can be sure Diamond Competitions will offer you the best quality jewellery. All our jewellery stock will be purchased from our supplier in Hatton Garden.

How to Play

The Competition will close at 7pm on a selected date shown on the website. The draw will take place on the same day as the competition closes at 8pm live on our Facebook channel

Watch Live Draw

The draw will be shown live on our Facebook channel. We will use Google Random Number Generator to generate the winner ticket number.

Quiz and Enter

Answer a quiz to qualify your ticket entries. We will allocate unique ticket numbers to your ticket purchase via email.

Pick Dream Diamonds

Click to choose which competition you want to enter and enter how many entries you want to buy.

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Understand The 4Cs

Understanding what colour means helps in choosing the right diamond.

Carat Weight

Diamond carat weight is the mea...


Diamonds are renowned for their...


The clarity of a diamond refers...


Understanding what colour means...

Bespoke Services

Diamond Competitions pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptionally bespoke service to our customers from when you first purchase your ticket through to the winning ticket holder being selected. We have in house jewellery specialist as well as our own workshop, so you are sure to have your completed bespoke piece of jewellery. We feel this is very important to our Ticket holders.

Diamond Competitions core values of providing the best possible service to our ticket holders. It is our pleasure to turn our customers dreams and vision into a reality. It may be a Natural Fancy coloured diamonds that catches your eye or a blues diamond, possibly a pinks stone. We shall offer a wide variety of rings, pendants, bracelets, necklace and earrings all with selected quality diamonds.